Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

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Pierogies 11.99
Broccoli Bites 12.99
Jalapeño Poppers 12.99
Chicken Fingers 12.99
Mozzarella Sticks 11.99
Potato Skins Stuffed With Bacon or 10.99
Broccoli And Melted Cheddar Cheese
Buffalo Wings (10) 14.99
Fried Mushrooms 12.99
Onion Rings 11.99
Vegetables of Day 3.99
Garlic Bread 3.99
Cheesy Breadsticks with Marinara Dipping Sauce 11.99
Meatballs (4) with Marinara Sauce 9.99
French Fries 8.99
Cheese Fries 10.99
Old Bay Fries 9.99
Gravy Fries Choice of Chicken or Beef Gravy 10.99
Hawaiian Fries (for 2) 12.99
Ham, Pineapple, Mozzarella Cheese
Cheesesteak Fries (for 2) Fries with Cheesesteak, 12.99 Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese and Ranch Dipping Sauce
Texas Fries (for 2) 12.99 Bacon, Ranch and Mozzarella Cheese
Mega Fries (for 2) Fries with Bacon Smothered with 12.99 Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese Served with Ranch Dressing
Coleslaw • Sm  4.99 • Lg  10.99
Potato Salad • Sm  4.99 • Lg  10.99
Mashed Potato • Sm  4.99 • Lg  10.99
Macaroni Cheese • Sm  4.99 • Lg  10.99



Soups Cup of Daily Soup 4.99
Bowl of Daily Soup 6.99
Quart of Daily Soup 9.99
Cup of Cream of Crab 6.99
Bowl of Cream of Crab 10.99
French Onion 7.99


Caesar Salad 7.99
Small Greek 7.99
Garden Salad 7.99


All are Served with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers, Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese, Hardboiled Egg and Choice of Dressing
Ground Beef 14.99
Chicken 14.99


Garden Salad 8.99
Greek Salad 9.99
with Chicken or Gyro 14.99
Chef Salad 14.99
Cobb Salad 14.99
Caesar Salad 8.99
with Chicken 14.99
with Baby Shrimp 16.99
Santa Fe Chicken Salad 15.99
Buffalo Chicken Salad 14.99
Grilled Chicken Salad 13.99
Lewes Diner Spinach Salad Chicken 15.99
Crab Meat Spinach Salad 17.99


Served With Hard Boiled Egg, Coleslaw, Potato Salad and Garnish

Chicken Salad Platter
Tuna Salad Platter
Egg Salad Platter
Fruit Salad Platter
Burger Platter


Grilled Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes on a Tortilla Shell with Cheddar, Salsa and Sour Cream
Cheese 12.99
Chicken 14.99
Cheesesteak 14.99
Ground Beef 14.99


Served with Cup of Soup and French Fries (Substitute Sweet Potato Fries 1.00 Extra)

Sliced Turkey
Roast Beef
Tuna Salad
Chicken Salad
Ham Sandwich
Egg Salad


Served w/ Cup of Soup & French Fries or Chips

Philly Cheese Steak 14.99
Pepperoni Cheese Steak 14.99
Chicken Cheese Steak 13.99
Plain Steak 11.99
Cheese Steak 12.99
Mushroom Cheese Steak 13.49
Bacon Cheese Steak 13.99
Lewes Pizzeria Chicken Steak 14.99

HOAGIES $14.99

Served with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, hot or sweet pepper, Cup of Soup & French Fries or Chips (Sub Sweet Potato Fries for 1.00 Extra)

Turkey Hoagie
Roast Beef Hoagie
Tuna Salad Hoagie
Chicken Salad Hoagie
Ham, Turkey & Cheese Hoagie
American Hoagie
Italian Hoagie

MELTS $14.99

Served w/ Cup of Soup & French Fries or Chips (Sub Sweet Potato Fries for 1.00 Extra)

Monte Cristo
Reuben Melt
Chicken Breast Melt
Tuna Melt
Patty Melt
Chicken Cordon Bleu Melt
Turkey Reuben Melt
Lewes Diner Special

Crab Meat Melt 16.99


Served with Soup or Salad and Two Sides

Roast Beef 18.99
Turkey 17.99


Served w/ Cup of Soup & French Fries or Chips (Sub Sweet Potato Fries for 1.00 Extra)

French Dip 13.99
Grilled Cheese 10.49
with Tomato 10.99
with Bacon or Ham 11.79
Gyro 13.99
Hot Dog 11.99
Fried Flounder On kaiser rolll, Lettuce and Tomatoes 13.99
Chicken Breast Sandwich 13.99
On Kaiser Roll with Lettuce & Tomatoes
Corn Beef & Swiss Cheese on Rye 12.99
Chicken Finger Parm On Sub Roll 13.99
Italian Sausage Parm Onions, Peppers, Cheese 13.99
Meatball Parmigiana 13.99


Served w/ Cup of Soup & French Fries or Chips (Sub Sweet Potato Fries for 1.00 Extra)

Hamburger 11.99
Cheese Burger 12.99
Mix Up Burger  13.99
Texas Burger  13.99
Bacon Cheddar Burger 13.99
Mushroom Swiss Burger 13.99
Black Jack Burger  13.99
Lewes Burger 13.99
Four Seasons Burger 13.99

WRAPS $13.99

Served On White Tortilla Served w/ Cup of Soup & French Fries or Chips (Sub Sweet Potato Fries for 1.00 Extra)

Buffalo Chicken
Cheese Steak
Chicken Caesar
Sliced Turkey Wrap
Chicken Fajita
Toscana Wrap
Vegetable Wrap


Served w/ Cup of Soup & French Fries or Chips (Sub Sweet Potato Fries for 1.00 Extra)

Chicken Parmigiana
Black & Bleu Chicken
Sliced Turkey
Chicken Cordon Bleu
French Dip Panini
Philly Cheesesteak
Veggie Panini
Greek Panini
Roma Panini
Lewes BBQ Panini


Served on Choice of White, Wheat or Rye Bread with Mayo, w/ Cup of Soup & French Fries or Chips (Sub Sweet Potato Fries for 1.00 Extra)

Roast Beef
Chicken Breast
Ham And Swiss Cheese
Chicken or Tuna Salad
Lewes Club


Served with House, Greek or Caesar Salad or Soup & Pasta (Angel Hair, Linguini or Penne) or Rices

Chicken Marsala  20.99
Chicken Stir-Fry 20.99
Chicken Scampi  19.99
Fettuccine Alfredo 16.99
Add Chicken 19.99
Add Shrimp 22.99
Chicken Alfredo 19.99
Chicken Ala Broccoli 20.99
Chicken Piccante 20.99
Chicken Delight with Portobello 20.99
Chicken Portofino 21.99
Chicken Pesto  20.99
Chicken Carbonara  20.99

Shrimp Scampi 23.99
Mussels Marinara Spicy or Mild Red Sauce 21.99
Seafood Supreme 27.99
Seafood Fra Diablo 26.99
Shrimp alla Vodka Sautéed Shrimp 24.99
Scallop Stir-fry Over rice 22.99


Served with House, Greek or Caesar Salad or Soup. Pasta Choices; Linguine, Angel Hair or Penne

Spaghetti with Meatballs 16.99
Veal Parmigiana with Choice of Pasta 20.99
Chicken Parm with Choice of Pasta 19.99
Eggplant Parm with Choice of Pasta 18.99
Stuffed Shell Parm w/Meatball (Complete) 18.99
Homemade Lasagna (Complete) 18.99
Cheese Ravioli with Meatballs (Complete) 17.99
Lobster Ravioli Lump Crabmeat 20.99


All are Served with Choice of Soup or Salad (House, Greek or Caesar ) and Two Vegetables

Broiled Scallops 25.99
Broiled Shrimp 25.99
Broiled Stuffed Shrimp 27.99
Broiled Salmon 24.99
Broiled Flounder 24.99
Broiled Stuffed Flounder 27.99
Broiled Tilapia 23.99
Broiled Stuffed Mushrooms 27.99
Broiled Crab Cake 28.99
Broiled Seafood Trio 25.99
Broiled Seafood Combo 34.99

Served with Tartar or Cocktail Sauce

Fried Shrimp 25.99
Fried Flounder 24.99
Fried Sea Scallops 25.99
Fried Crab Cake 28.99
Fried Shrimp & Scallop Combo 25.99
Fried Seafood Combo 34.99


Served with 2 Sides, House, Greek or Caesar Salad or Soup

Homemade Meatloaf with Gravy 17.99
Roast Turkey 18.99
Baby Beef Liver 18.99
Veal Cutlet with Gravy or Tomato Sauce 19.99


Served with 2 Sides, House, Greek or Caesar Salad or Soup

Rib Eye Steak Onion Rings and Mushroom Cap 26.99
Pork Chops (3) Center Cut chops 19.99
Chopped Steak with Fried Onion 19.99
Ham Steak with Fruit Sauce 18.99


Served with House, Greek or Caesar Salad or Soup & Pasta (Angel Hair, Linguini or Penne) or Rice

Veal Marsala 21.99
Veal Delight 22.99
Veal Dumont 23.99
Veal Florentine 22.99


Served with Fries, Side Garden Salad or Daily Soup

Shrimp Basket (21) French Fries & Onion Rings 18.99
Chicken Finger Basket (4) 15.99
Chicken Basket 4 Piece Fresh Breaded 18.99
Fried Flounder Basket 19.99
Fish & Chips Basket French Fries & Onion Rings 19.99
Clam Basket French Fries & Onion Rings 18.99
Buffalo Chicken Tenders 17.99
Mixed Up Basket with Clam Strips, 19.99




Coleslaw 4.99 10.99
Potato Salad 4.99 10.99
Mashed Potato 4.99 10.99
Macaroni Cheese 4.99 10.99


All Served with a Cup of Soup or House, Greek or Caesar Salad and One Vegetable

Broiled or Fried Flounder 17.99
Broiled Stuffed Shrimp 19.99
Fried Shrimp 17.99
Broiled or Fried Crab Cake 18.99
Broiled or Fried Scallops 18.99
Broiled Stuffed Flounder 20.99
Broiled Tilapia 16.99
Broiled Stuffed Mushroom 19.99
Pork Chops 16.99
Chopped Steak 16.99
Grilled Chicken Over Rice 16.99
Baked Meat Loaf 16.99
Mini Chicken Parm 16.99


For Children Ages 10 and Under. All Children’s Dinners include Small Milk or Soda and Pudding or Jello

Sponge Bob Special – Tuna Fish Sandwich with French Fries
Tweety Bird – Chicken Fingers and French Fries
Spider Man’s Spaghetti – Spaghetti and Meatball
Krabby Patty – Hamburger on Toasted Roll with French Fries
Arthur’s Favorite – Grilled Cheese with French Fries
Dora Dog – Hot Dog with French Fries
Elmo’s Special – Cheese Ravioli

Served with Choice of Small Juice, Milk or Chocolate Milk

Silver Dollar Pancakes
Mickey Mouse Pancake
French Toast and One Egg


Cheesecake 8.50
Cheesecake with Fruit Topping 9.50
Ice Cream 4.99
Pudding 3.99
Assorted Cake 8.00
Pie 7.00


Beverages Fresh Grounded Coffee (Free Refills) 2.49
Hot Tea 2.49
Milk • Sm. 2.59 • Lg 3.79
Any Herb Tea 2.99
Chocolate Milk 3.99
Soda (Free Refills) 3.29
Iced Tea (Free Refills) 3.29
Hot Chocolate 3.99
Juices • Sm. 2.99 • Lg 3.99
Ice Cream Soda 5.99
Milk Shake 7.99
Lemonade (Free Refills) 3.99


Omelettes are Made with Three Eggs and Served with Homefries or Shredded Potatoes and Choice of White, Rye or Whole Wheat Toast

Plain Omelette 10.99
Cheesesteak Omelette 13.99
Country Omelette 13.99
Vegetarian Omelette 13.99
Cheese Omelette 11.99
Western Omelette 13.59
Bacon or Ham or Sausage Omelette 13.29
Broccoli Omelette 12.99
Spinach Omelette 12.99
Mushroom Omelette 12.99
Asparagus Omelette 13.99
Florentine Omelette 13.59
Meat Lover’s Omelette 13.59
Greek Omlette 13.99
Corn Beef Hash Omelette 13.99
Crab Meat Omelette 15.99
Mexican Omelette  13.99
Lewes Diner Omelette 13.99
Doctor’s Choice Omelette 13.99
Mediterranean Omelette 13.79
Pepperoni & Provolone Cheese Omelette 13.99

Served with Homefries or Shredded Potatoes and Toast & Jelly

Eggs Benedict 13.99
Ham Steak & Eggs 18.99
Grilled Chicken Breast & Egg 17.99
Ribeye Steak & Eggs 25.99
Two Eggs ( Any Style ) 11.99
with Choice of Meat 13.99
Country Fried Steak 18.99


All are Served with Butter and Syrup

Short Stack of Hot Cake or French Toast 9.99
with Any Meat 12.99
Silver Dollar Hot Cake 11.49
with Any Meat 13.49
3 Hot Cakes or Three French Toast 10.99
with Any Meat 12.99
Chocolate Chip Pancakes 11.99
with Any Meat 13.99

Sausage Links
Canadian Bacon
Pork Roll
Sausage Patty
Corned Beef Hash
Hot Italian Sausage
Home Fried Potatoes
Turkey Bacon
Turkey Sausage
Hash Brown

Burritos Served with Eggs, Pepper,
Onion, Shredded Cheddar Cheese and
Salsa with Choice of Meat:

Ham – Bacon – Sausage

Creamed Chipped Beef Sm 12.99 Lrg 13.99
Sausage Gravy Sm 12.99 Lrg 13.99
Hungry Man Special 15.99
Fried Egg Sandwich 8.49
with Any Meat with Home Fries 9.99

Bagel with Butter and Jelly 3.99
with Cream Cheese 4.99
English Muffin 3.49
Toast 2.75